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Are you ready to learn more about TSTM and how you can use the TSTM curriculum and strategies to create relevant, engaging learning experiences for your students? The NM TSTM Team offers several professional learning opportunities for instructors, program leadership, and tutors. TSTM is flexible and allows for adaptations, so it is easy to implement in both ESL and HSE classes as well as correctional and literacy settings.

The TSTM Webinar Series

Each semester, the TSTM Team offers a series of one-hour webinars addressing different TSTM components. TSTM Webinars are short, interactive, and open to everyone. Here is the current semester’s schedule. Use the TSTM Webinar link to join.

The TSTM Cohort Course

The TSTM Cohort is a semester-long course designed to support you as you fully implement TSTM in your teaching context. Each Cohort is made up of instructors and program staff from across the state. Cohort members learn together, test out TSTM materials and strategies, and have access to group and individual instructional coaching. The Cohort Course is a rare opportunity to get supportive, non-evaluative feedback on your teaching practices.

The TSTM Cohort Course is offered in hyflex (some in-person and some online activities) and virtual-only modes. In both modes, the course has specific deadlines. It is not a self-paced course. Participants must complete all of the following activities during the course.

What are your benefits as a participant in the TSTM Cohort Course?

The TSTM Cohort Course can be used for your Professional Learning Plan.

Here’s the information about our next Cohort Course. Use the Registration page to sign up.


The NM TSTM Team and past Cohort participants regularly present about TSTM at our state conferences and Teachers’ Institutes. This is a great way to get started with TSTM. Watch for our sessions.